FAFSA/ORSAA Mentor Training 

Thank you for your interest in training to become and even more effective FAFSA or ORSAA volunteer. As the professional association of financial aid administrators, we’re so happy that you’re committed to helping students and families complete the forms correctly the first time. 

We’ve set up this training to be on-demand- you are welcome to take as much time as you’d like on each module. Once you’ve completed our nine Core Videos, please take our certification test. You’ll receive a PDF certificate that declares you to be an OASFAA Certified FAFSA/ORSAA Completion Mentor. Since there’s so much detail to remember, we’ve included short links to each video at the bottom of this page. You’re welcome to come back and view the videos as many times as you’d like, especially if you’re dealing with a new situation. 

To access our video training, please use this link to get to our YouTube Playlist. 

To take the certification exam, please use this link.  

To request OASFAA Certified FAFSA/ORSAA mentors at your event, please use this request form: tinyurl.com/fafsavolunteers

Special thanks to All Hands Raised for coordinating FAFSA/ORSAA volunteers statewide this year!

To ask questions about the training or a specific topic, please email [email protected]

To link to a particular video, please click below:

President's Welcome 

1 Agenda and What are the FAFSA & ORSAA 

2 Logging in and User Names 

3 Demographics and College Selection 

4 Independent v. Dependent and Financial Aid Parent(s)

5 Parent Demographics 

6 Parent Income and DRT 

7 Student Income and DRT 

8 Student and Parent Assets 

9 Sign and Submit 

Extra Credit