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The purpose of OASFAA shall be: to foster and promote the professional preparation, effectiveness, recognition, and association of administrators and counselors of student financial aid in educational institutions beyond high school and individuals in public or private agencies or organizations concerned with student financial aid.

A Letter from your President...

September 2014

Can you believe that it's fall already? Each year seems to come more quickly than the last. Perhaps it's the insistent drumbeat of regulatory change that makes time move so quickly, or it might be the pressure of cohort default rates. One thing that always surprises and delights me about Oregon is the way the seasons seem to turn on a dime. One day it's summer, dry as a bone, without a drop of rain in weeks. Then along comes the autumn equinox, and lo and behold, it rains for 20 hours nonstop to make up for months of sunshine. In three months' time, winter will appear, and each dark morning we'll be greeted by a thick layer of frost on our windshields. Let's remember to savor fall while it lasts. New students, equal parts exuberant and scared, are on our campuses again. Once we've ushered them through our doors and helped them work out any financial kinks in their plans, we can take a moment to pause and reflect on the importance of our work in making college accessible. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and the parched grass is making a comeback, so pull on a sweater and some boots, throw on your raincoat, and go crunch some leaves in celebration of a job well done!

OASFAA volunteers have been hard at work bringing high-quality, low-priced training to you. On August 7th, we had another successful Summer Drive-In, this time in Portland. Thank you to Mary McGlothlan and Shelle Riehl for co-chairing this popular annual training event, and thanks to the committee members as well. You can read more about the 2014 SDI in Mary McGlothlan's article in this newsletter. Next up is the Support Staff Workshop in November-keep your eyes peeled for details in your inbox soon. WASFAA Fall Training will take place the following week at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, featuring NASFAA training materials on Need Analysis Our Annual Conference committee, headed up by Lindsay Thaler and Ashley Coleman, is hard at work preparing another excellent conference for early next year at the Salishan Resort. Finally, co-chairs Kathy Campbell and Mike Johnson are planning the annual FA 101/201 training for February 27 in Salem, and we look forward to learning from our new faculty members, Lois DeGhetto from Oregon State University and Peter Goss from the University of Western States.

I am always impressed by the work that OASFAA accomplishes each year thanks to the dedication of our many volunteers. It's a perfect illustration of the saying, "many hands make light work." Nominations for elected offices will be open soon, and I hope that many of you will nominate yourselves or a colleague (it's always best to ask them first!) for a position. OASFAA is a truly exceptional state financial aid association, with professional development events throughout the year that provide not just training, but important opportunities to get to know our financial aid colleagues in Oregon. It is so valuable to have a list of trusted colleagues on hand for those times that you need to talk through a complicated issue with someone else who understands "financial aid-ese." If you haven't had the opportunity to attend an OASFAA training event lately, I encourage you to find the time and resources to do so. You'll be glad you did!

Helen Faith
OASFAA President 2014-15
Lane Community College

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5.26.15 - Summer Drive-In Workshop Registration Open!

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