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The purpose of OASFAA shall be: to foster and promote the professional preparation, effectiveness, recognition, and association of administrators and counselors of student financial aid in educational institutions beyond high school and individuals in public or private agencies or organizations concerned with student financial aid.

A Letter from your President...

July 2015

Happy Summer everyone!

I always laugh when students and parents ask if we take the summer off in financial aidÖnothing could be further from the truth! I usually canít wait for spring semester to be done; it seems to drag ON and ON with few holidays (and letís be hon-est, thatís the real problem). And then once it is finally done, it feels so anticlimactic. I usually hate summer because the students are gone. I get so much more work done but Iíve found over the years that itís harder to remember why I do what I do when there are no visual reminders. Then those visual reminders reappear and start driving me crazy again and I remember.

What we do matters. What you do matters. However big or small your role in the finan-cial aid process, it matters. Every phone call. Every email (even the one where youíve answered their question five times already). It all matters. Be kind to people. Be patient with them (even when you want to scream). Be present in their experience.

Thank you for all you do for your students, your colleagues, and your schools. It matters.

Mary McGlothlan
Multnomah University
OASFAA President 2015-16

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