Position Title:
Financial Aid Officer

Portland Fashion Institute

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[email protected]

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Salary Range:
$38,000-$43,000 + benefits

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Portland OR

Position Description:

The Financial Aid Officer initiates and successfully completes PFI’s Application for Approval to Participate in the Federal Student Financial Aid Programs. Duties include administering PFI’s federal, state, or institutional financial aid programs, successfully completing Title IV/FAFSA paperwork required by PFI’s accrediting organization, helping to evaluate Financial Aid applications in order to determine student eligibility for various financial aid programs, and collecting data and keeping accurate records.



  • Initiates and successfully completes PFI’s Application for Approval to Participate in the Federal Student Financial Aid Programs then administers this program.
  • Provide information to students, prospective students, and families regarding student financial aid, admissions, account balances and registration status.
  • Analyzes and evaluates financial viability of students and families and provides advice and counsel regarding available financial aid opportunities, eligibility requirements and the application process.
  • Serves as liaison with state, federal and other agencies; keeps abreast of student assistance opportunities and program regulations.
  • Reviews and assesses eligibility of applications for financial aid; exercises professional judgment to determine whether adjustments should be made.
  • Reviews for accuracy and provides signature approval/disapproval of loan applications, promissory notes and other financial documents.
  • Conducts orientations, and entrance and exit interviews, in accordance with PFI, state, federal and accreditation organization guidelines.
  • Responds to inquiries and researches and resolves problems related to financial aid transactions. Serves as liaison with other constituencies in the resolution of day-to-day administrative and operational issues.
  • Oversees the collection, management, and reporting of data in accordance with state, federal and accreditation organization requirements. Participates in the development and implementation of data management systems and procedures, if needed.
  • Works with PFI's registrar during enrollee admissions. Reviews financial aid applications and makes initial decisions about awarding aid. Seeks final approval of aid decisions from the registrar and director before they’re final.
  • Trains and serves as an operational resource to other staff and/or enrollees, as appropriate; may supervise student employees or lower-level staff. Takes part in training from U.S. Department of Education and related agencies to remain knowledgeable compliant with new financial aid regulations.
  • Conducts workshops and/or presentations to students, parents, and/or other interested parties on financial aid policy and procedural issues.



  • A Bachelor's degree is required. A Master's degree is preferred.
  • Experience In completing then monitoring an Application for Approval to Participate in the Federal Student Financial Aid Programs.
  • Experience in financial aid, admissions and registration, or a related field. Preference will be given to individuals with experience in a financial aid office at an institution that resembles or is larger than Portland Fashion Institute in size and complexity of program administration.
  • Able to create and oversee systems to collect, manage and report data satisfactory to meeting state, federal and accreditation standards.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally, with students, parents, high school counselors, fellow employees, college administrators, and other constituents of the institute. Must be comfortable speaking before groups of students and parents. Must be able to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds. Must have strong organizational and time management skills.


  • The Financial Aid Officer reports to the Director.


  • Supporting a debt free education.
  • Promoting a progressive, sustainable & ethical industry.
  • Changing people’s lives. Making fashion dreams come true.
  • Passing along a professional fashion tradition. Creating a sewing community.
  • Supporting diversity, inclusion & accessibility.
  • Being innovative, nimble & dynamic.
  • Having fun.
  • Real skills, real jobs, real world knowledge.