Financial Aid Counselor

Post Date: 9/15/2017
Institution/Agency: Multnomah University 

Job Information:
Title: Financial Aid Counselor 
Institution: Multnomah University 
Website Address: http://
Salary: $32,000.00
Location: Portland, OR
Deadline Date: Until Filled

AREAS OF SPECIALTY: Federal grants and loans

POSITION REPORTS TO: Director of Financial Aid

MISSION: Provide student financial aid counseling to students and families. Provide expertise in the areas of specialization, accomplishing the work in those areas in proficient and timely manner.

I. Financial Aid Counselor (50%)

Objective: To interview and counsel prospective students, individually or in groups, regarding their eligibility for federal and institutional aid and the necessary application procedures.
• Take ownership over a specific population of students providing guidance from prospect to graduate
• Meet with students regarding the availability of federal and institutional financial aid
• Determine information needed to complete each file
• Instruct students in the completion of necessary financial aid forms
• Receive and review documents for accuracy and completeness 
• Process FAFSA Verification
• Create financial aid packages according to institutional and federal methodology
• Participate in visit events such as Campus Previews, Registration Days and New Student Orientation

II. Federal loan specialist (25%)

Objective: Serve as coordinator of the federal direct loan program. 
• Provide counseling to loan applicants and maintain required records
• Ensure students have completed all necessary steps to receive Stafford and PLUS loans
• Submit loan certifications to secure and schedule loan disbursement
• Check continued student eligibility before releasing loans to the student account
• Monitor Satisfactory Academic Progress
• Coordinate the receipt of loan funds and subsequent disbursements with Student Accounts
• Troubleshoot loan software problems with COD, CPS and PowerFAIDS
• Work with other staff members to import/export loan certifications to COD for Direct Loan processing 
• Process credit checks for Parent PLUS loan borrowers via COD
• Certify and disburse private loans for students who request and are approved
• Maintain awareness of applicable changes to federal loan protocols, cash management processing and interest rate changes
• Read Dear Colleague Letters, participate in content specific webinars, engage all levels of the FSA Coach and Federal Student Aid Handbook to ensure compliance with regulations
• Communicate with loan servicers to provide updated contact information for former students
• Present loan repayment options to students nearing graduation
• Monitor cohort default rate and participate in default prevention activities
• Provide financial literacy to community organizations (i.e. youth groups or high schools)

III. Federal Grant Processor (15%)

Objective: To review and transmit electronic files to the Department of Education via EdConnect software, as well as troubleshoot rejected files, correct and retransmit

• Review grant files for accuracy when transmitting and receiving
• Work with Department of Education processing personnel to resolve processing issues
• Communicate with other staff members regarding trouble files

IV. Reconciliation coordinator (10%)

Objective: Oversee reconciliation of federal loan fund records between Financial Aid and Accounting Departments
• Perform monthly reconciliation of Federal Direct Loan records between COD, PowerFAIDS and PowerCampus
• Work closely with Student Accounts to ensure accuracy in record keeping and timely processing of student loan disbursements
• Satisfactorily document reconciliation results for audit purposes


Job-specific Requirements
• Baccalaureate degree required or 3 years related experience.
• Recent experience in a financial aid office preferred, OR, a willingness and ability to develop proficiency in understanding policies and complex guidelines governing federal and institutional aid programs
• Ability to classify and analyze data with goal of application and understanding of relationship to financial aid eligibility criteria
• Willingness to study and develop understanding of federal regulations as they relate to financial aid
• Develop a working knowledge of federal tax regulations as they relate to financial aid
• Demonstrated communication skills; ability to be easily understood one-on-one or with small groups
• Data entry accuracy; computer experience in a Windows environment; proficiency in word processing and spread sheets
• Detail oriented
• Basic math skills
• Organizational skills
• Demonstrated initiative and mature work habits (including appropriate use of institutional time and resources for personal internet and phone usage per the Director’s discretion)
• Willingness to cross-train with other financial aid staff and function in a work-team environment
• Availability for occasional travel to attend professional conferences and/or seminars
• No more than 5% unpaid absenteeism


Communication Skills and Work Habits
Objective: Maintain a Christ-like testimony in all aspects of the job.
• Communicate openly and clearly in a Christ honoring and congenial manner, both within the department and to those outside the department.
• Represent Multnomah well in dress, grooming and actions.

• Show discernment in the use of time.
• Communicate regularly and openly with Supervisor/Director.
• Encourage an atmosphere of unity and collaboration among university departments.

Because we believe that professionally qualified, committed Christian personnel are key to the operation of a truly Christian university and seminary, and that not only teachers, but all employees, by the pattern of their lives, serve as role models to our students, the job descriptions for all employment positions at Multnomah University contain the following statements relating to required personal qualities:

• Employees will have received Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior. John. 1:12
• Employees will be in full agreement with the institution’s doctrinal statement.
• Employees will believe that the Bible is God’s Word and standard for faith and daily living. 2 Tim. 3:16-17
• Employees will be a Christian role model in attitude, speech and actions towards others. This includes being committed to God’s biblical standards for morality and sexual conduct. 1 Tim. 4:12, Luke 6:40, Col. 3:17, Titus 2:7-8, 1 Thess. 2:10 and 5:22.
• The employee will support and adhere to all university policies concerning lifestyle and conduct.
• Employees will be regular participants in a local, evangelical church.

Electronic Resumes: Yes
To be considered for this position, please apply online here: 

Contact Information:
Name: Naomi Perry
Title: Assistant Director of Financial Aid 
     Multnomah University 
     8435 NE Glisan St.
     Portland , OR 97220
Phone: (503) 251-5339

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